Our philosophy: Be something more

Appco Group founder and chairman Chris Niarchos set up the business with our motto, Be something more, firmly in his sights. Quite literally, in fact, as these words were emblazoned across a poster on his wall.

The poster, given to Chris by his mum, had a lasting impression on him. The idea of being ‘something more’ was hugely important to Chris’s parents, who taught him that the most important thing in life and your career was to strive to fulfill your potential, support others to do the same and do something positive for your community. 

‘Be something more’ was the mantra to which Chris set up his first business. It was theme song with which he inspired others to join him and help grow the business. And it’s the motto that unites the Appco Group network across the world.

For us, ‘Be something more’ is about achieving excellence and never settling for second best. This is what Appco aims for in all its face-to-face marketing activities and relationships with our clients. 

While Appco Group has already achieved great success, we are all inspired by ‘Be something more’ to look for new ways to enhance the business, the service we offer our clients and the opportunities we provide to the contractors in our network and our own employees.