Our story

Chris Niarchos, Founder and Chairman of the Cobra Group of Companies and its subsidiary Appco Group, developed the Human Commercial™ and changed the face-to-face sales and marketing industry forever.

Chris started the company in 1988 from his one-bedroom apartment in Sydney, Australia. All he had was a telephone, a burning desire to succeed and a rather fetching pair of white shorts.  

Chris originally called his burgeoning sales business Cobra Group and we would use this name for the next 10 years. However, alongside the face-to-face marketing business, which was rapidly expanding across the world, Cobra was diversifying into a range of other, quite different businesses. 

By 2010, it was well and truly time to give our face-to-face marketing services a distinct identity and so we launched the Appco Group brand worldwide. This defined our face-to-face business and differentiated it from the other companies and services within, what is now, The Cobra Group of Companies