About us

Appco Group is part of the Cobra Group of Companies. From humble beginnings in Sydney, Australia, Appco Group has expanded across the globe and become one of the world's leading face-to-face sales and marketing companies, operating in 28 countries across five continents.

Appco Group sells products and services on behalf of blue-chip companies and acquires long-term donors for well-known charities, via its door-to-door sales method, the Human Commercial™.

We take pride in helping to add value to our clients’ bottom line by securing new customers, or raising funds for their vital causes.
And our performance-based model means they only pay for the results we deliver.

Our proven face-to-face sales methods and outcome-based fee structure ensures we deliver to our clients in excess of $US4 billion
in revenue every year via the new customers or donors we acquire for them.

Our industry-leading direct-selling business was founded by Chris Niarchos in Sydney in 1989, and originally operated as Cobra Group.

However, by 2010, Cobra Group had diversified into a range of different companies and the rapidly growing direct-selling business required a distinct and consistent global brand, so Appco Group was launched worldwide to focus on global field sales and marketing.

We believe responsible face-to-face marketing creates a connection with consumers, delivers value to clients, and supports small businesses and entrepreneurs.

For more information, visit the Appco Worldwide page to find the contact for your region.

Industry expertise

  • Appco - Energy Industry Experts


    Acquired 10m+
    customers in
    11 countries 
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  • Fundraising by Appco - Field Marketing Agency


    Professional donor-acquisition services.
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  • Financial Service_100x100

    Financial services

    Billions in revenue generated for global clients Read more

  • Sports marketing & lotteries Field Sales - Appco

    Sports lotteries

    US$36m+ in 2012 for global clients
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  • Pay TV_100x100

    Pay TV

    Acquired 100,000+ customers p.a.
    for major UK client
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